• Corporate leaders and innovators like: Lowes, Giant Eagle, Heinz, Kraft, and John Deere have used Pittsburgh to test their "go to Market" concepts here.
  • We offer a demographically representative picture of the American Midwest market to test your product or service.
  • There is a substantially lower cost of media to promote the "trail offer" of your product or service to the entire metro area.
  • It's a Fresh alternative to exhausted markets like Philadelphia, New York/New Jersey and Maryland.
  • Nationally top-ranked University of Pittsburgh Medical Center makes it a sought after medical trial market.
  • Highly ranked nationally as top seller of Branded Products
  • Brand-conscious nature of the Pittsburgh market,
  • Expansion into this increasingly sophisticated consumer market is considered a "no-brainer"
  • Non-stop flights to all major markets served including access to/from N.Y., Minneapolis, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Washington, D.C., etc.

Pittsburgh Fun Fact

First Internet Emoticon - 1982@ Carnegie Mellon University.