Quality Assurance

At FCP, we understand that accurate and reliable recruiting is critical in producing valid results. Quality recruiting is a fully recruited project, on time, according to your unique bidding specifications, and delivers a full “show up” rate.

Consumer behaviors and habits are in a constant state of change, as well as demographic status and trends. With that in mind, FCP Research strives to ensure the quality of your recruits, with an experienced team assuming responsibility for the success of each and every job.

Our Extensive 8-Point Quality Assurance Program:

  1. We maintain a 5-to-1 supervisor-interviewer ratio
  2. Extensive interviewer training in communications techniques, open-end probing, computer assisted telephone interviewing, skip patterns and many other marketing research protocols
  3. Careful database management that includes Screening, Validating, and religious updating for current information
  4. Interviewers are provided with written and verbal instructions that cover quotas, schedules, and key issues to note (e.g. unusual skip patterns, pronunciation guides, pre-lists with which to become familiarized)
  5. Interviewers are monitored continuously for technique and content. Politeness and completeness are key aspects of each monitoring review
  6. 100% of recruited respondents are validated
  7. Recruited respondents are contacted on three separate occasions both verbally and in writing after they are recruited to ensure superior show-rates
  8. Daily cumulative progress reports and project updates are sent regularly with an emphasis on communication

By taking good care of you, we give you peace of mind and save you your precious time, so that in the end we save you money… even when we’re NOT the lowest priced bidder.