The Case for Social Media Recruiting 2015


FCP Research didn’t invent Social Media, but with its dominance in our society has chosen to embrace the social curve, not by trying to change it but by trying to comprehend it, strategize it and follow it, for the benefit of our clients.

Savvy market researchers in the future will be utilizing this digital space to attract the eye balls and interest of specific targeted consumer and business segments, rather than dialing from a stale, outdated lists or the use of tired and overused databases.   FCP is doing it now.

The validity of Social Media as a resource for respondent behavior is evident with the  undertakings of even traditional Mega consultants like IBM Global Business Services   partnering with Social media giants like Twitter to offer cloud-based services, to bring intuitive visualization and predictive analytics to every business user.

It well acknowledged that many companies are investing heavily in Social CRM as a way to connect with their target audiences. At FCP we do the same thing, additionally focusing on making the process of “meeting” and recruiting your audience feel as organic and “normal” as possible. Focus groups become more productive, because as studies have shown, people with common interests tend to feel closer when they work to solve problems (like focus group issues!).